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  1. Silencio - vinyl DJ set

    Brand new mix full of disco edits, house, deep house... Hope you like it! Enjoy :)…

    music, dj set, vinyl, house, mix, disco, deep house

  2. Hey June - vinyl DJ set

    It was a very long time since I last recorded a DJ set so I improvised this one using brand new vinyls, some bought on Discogs and some very old of my collection. So here is Hey June, almost one hour of house, techno, electronica and hypnotic acid, enjoy! I'll…

    music, dj set, vinyl, house, techno

  3. Music!

    Free wifi in a coach from Baguio to Angeles in the Philippines... I must be dreaming! So I publish this track I have made in Australia. This was all done in Ableton Live in a soft post hangover mood. I am preparing a long article on Jogjakarta in Indonesia so…

    philippines, music, 108bpm, australia