Jogjakarta is the 28th biggest city in Indonesia counting around 450'000 people. We planned to stay there 5 days to explore the temples around. Jogja is the centre of the Javanese culture. It is quite an incredible and swarming place: open markets all day long, cheap t-shirts everywhere, warung (family food on the street) every 2 meters... yummy!


5 minutes after we arrived in the streets of Jogja, a nice guy approaches us and helps us finding accommodation, and brings us to this little Batik art gallery typical to the region.
We are explained the process with a delicious tea. Welcome to Jogja!


​Watching Batik


​Dinner in a local warung - sitting on the street, eating family food


Waiting for the food


Good morning Laura


​Blue curtain, orange sleeping bag


I found the focus option on my camera


​The day after, Jogja is a huge open market. Very few foreigners here, a lot of people look at us like if it's the first time they see such a clear skin.


Having a nap in a tricycle


Trying clothes



​Looking on the left


​Cellphone thinking


​Malioboro street


​We met Agus, a very helpful person, he works at the post office and speaks a perfect french He gave us many tips on the city.


Another warung with extremely good food - the man was cooking and there were 3 people looking at how he was doing it - local star?


​Holiday time, lots of people from the villages come in town and it's the very first time they see occidental people - we are asked several times the permission to be photographed


Waiting at the post office


​Another very helpful guy writing dozen of red dots on our map - it's incredible how people are willing to help in this town!


Need a tricycle lift?


mmm maybe later...


A quick visit to the optician


Batik art process in a "official Batik gallery"


​Graffitis everywhere in Jogja


A closer look on Batik


​In the gallery


more graff!









​Inside our losmen (guest house)


​Gamelan player


​6 track mixer and taking notes in the rear


Barefoot-tea-drinker-bass-gong-player in action


​poum tchak


Our guide in the Sultan's Palace is 80 years old


She can defeat a dragon with her strong sense of humor


​Follow me



​Prambanan Hindu temple - built during the 9th century


​2 young guys studying English and tourism propose to be our guides for the visit




​Our guides


​Rain shower, Elsa under the bridge


One of the small temples being rebuilt after the big earthquake in 2006


Getting out




​Ahh here is a cassowary! Hi dude!


​Safety first! Helmet less kid on a motorbike.


Waiting for the rain to stop and eating in a warung (again)


Tricycle point of view


"Can we take a picture pleaaaaase?" - At Borobudur temple, lots of young people ask us to take our pictures. Fine!


​Wearing a Sarong and bag cover.


Temple rain


Temple mist


More umbrellas


Head facing 


Temple view


In the bus back to Jogja


"How many eggs you said?"


All sorts of fish


​Kids corner


​Taken in the shuttle that drives us to the Mount Merapi. We are about to climb this volcano by night and see the sunrise from the top of it!
But this will be covered in the next article.