nginx custom HTTP header

sudo vim /etc/nginx/nginx.conf Then simply add the following anywhere in the http directive if you want the header to be served for all domains hosted on your domain: add_header X-Charlie "I am Charlie"; Restart nginx: nginx -t && service nginx configtest && service nginx

The day I decided to be a Superhero

That day was yesterday. I was supposed to be asleep but it was one of those thick and mellow Sunday evenings, drifting into thoughts while common sense requires you to be ready for a fresh week of work: What can I improve in my life? So instead of trying to

500 km to Lavandou

So, next saturady I'll leave Annecy for the South of France, namely Lavandou where I'll meet my friends a week later. The trip should be around 500 km and should last 7 days. I just bought a new bike and have now 5 days left for the organization of the

New blog

I'm now using Ghost as a new platform for blogging instead of Drupal. It means the old website is no more accessible but I will make sure to convert the old posts into this new blog. I just started this fresh blog one week before I start a bicycle trip

India - Jaipur

Welcome to Jaipur also known as the Pink City of India, capital of Rajasthan. Amber Fort above Jaipur   Elephants parking   Our mahout    Climbing to the fort   Going down   Square shelter, it was 48 C° that day.   Nifty decoration   Pillars   Women singing

India - Amritsar

Fred and I decided it was an awesome idea to get a little drunk before taking a night train that would lead us to Amritsar. In the train station we met several people that were interested in taking pictures with us, so we did while we were making sure we

India - 6 days in Kashmir

As soon as we arrived at Srinagar Airport, we understood the region was under high tension. Being welcomed by the army and their machine guns is quite impressive. You instantly feel that security is an issue in this part of the country: barbwire everywhere, military and paramilitary everywhere, Police

India - An Introduction

Namaste! Welcome to India! So I left Cambodia knowing I would meet my very, very good friend Fred at a hotel in New Delhi, and that we would travel 3 weeks around India together. We had the idea of sticking to the North-West area of the country so we could

Reunion with my sleepers

Yes, I am very late and slow and lazy with my updates, ermmm... maybe it's because I am now back in France after having spent 10 months "out there". I am quite sorry about the lack of news recently, but I will make sure all the

3 weeks in Phnom Penh

When I got back to Phnom Penh after the month in Japan, I did not many pictures, I felt a bit like at home in the city and did not feel the urge to shoot, or to act as the regular average tourist. Instead, I live with the rhythm of

Japan - Last week in Tokyo

Black and white metro   3 seconds later   On the other side   The way out   Next I went in the paradise of synthesizers in Tokyo. The shop is called Five G, they have an outstandxing collection of synths, drum machines and other devices...   Big modular selection

Japan - Matsumoto

Welcome in Matsumoto in Nagano prefecture, mostly famous for its black castle built more than 400 years ago and its beautiful surroundings. We only stayed one night and visited the castle in 2 hours, so here we go!   Bridge, hanami and castle   Really impressive   Approaching the black

Japan - Back in Tokyo

After visiting the castle, we did not really know where to go with François. So after driving a little while we decided to go back to Tokyo and spend the last few days together there.   Heavy rain and hail fall after leaving Matsumoto which caused a light

Japan - Hida-Takayama

Well it seems I am VERY late with all the pictures. The last article I published was 2 months ago, and I still have posts to be published for the trip in Japan, which happened in April (yes, that was 4 months ago). I have to admit I have not

Japan - Osaka

After visiting Nara during the day, we headed to Osaka, planning for a good party (it was Saturday). Now we're only 2 guys, let's sleep in a capsule hotel and drink more than we should!   Going to Osaka   Sunset driving   Fantastic road trip

Japan - Nara

Keiko's holidays were coming to an end so we said good bye to her. With François we stayed in Nara for one day, wandering between the numerous temples and shrines:    I don't remember in what temple this was ermmm...   ermm?!  

Japan - Kyoto

Long time since the last update, but at last here are the pictures I took in Kyoto and it's quite a big amount of photos!   Surroundings of our ryokan   Kyoto countryside   Morning Family Mart   Strolling in Family Mart   Umbrella focus   Entering the

Japan - Izumo to Tottori

We stayed just one night in Izumo and planned to visit one the most ancient temples there. Then the plan was to reach Tottori by the sea side, at least for a part. We found really tiny and cute fishermen villages on the road, the sky was clear and the

Japan - One week in Tokyo

Here are the pictures of the first week spent in Tokyo. François and François came from France and we spent quite some time with my friend Keiko, discovering the wonders of Japanese culture in a unique and privileged manner. Oh Japan, I miss you already!  


Here are the very few pictures that I took in Cambodia. We just spent 5 days in that country so it was a bit tight. Anyway enjoy! 2 days in Siem Reap (to see Angkor's temples), transfer to Phnom Penh and then 2 days in the capital of


And here are the pictures of Laos! Sorry for the lack of updates but the month in Japan has been so dense that I did not take the time to write anything new. Anyway here are the few pictures I took in Laos - I have been really in a

One week in Vietnam

We decided to spend only one week in Vietnam to have more time in Laos. The following pictures have been taken in Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa mountains in the North. We went for 2 all-inclusive tours as it was more simple to organize. I did not take that


For our last week in the Philippines, we decided to go to Palawan Island. We took a plane from Manila to Puerto Princesa just after the Merapi hike. And it goes like this:   In Puerto Princesa, karaoke or girls for hire, hard to tell...   Blurry girls   A

Good-bye Yvonne

My grand-mother Yvone passed away a few days ago. It feels strange to be far from your family in such moment, so I can only share with you the beauty of this World. Good-bye Yvonne... Cherry blossom in Miyajima - Hiroshima  

Lake Pinatubo

Lake Pinatubo (Filipino: Lawa ng Pinatubo) is the summit crater lake of Mount Pinatubo formed after its climactic eruption on June 15, 1991. The lake is located near the boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales provinces in

Website is back online!

After 10 days of being down, I managed to somehow put back online my server, with the help of precious friends and the technical support of my hosting company OVH. The dedicated server I use has been hacked more than 10 days ago, it was being used as a platform

Mount Merapi

Let's climb a volcano by night for our last night in Indonesia. Mount Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia. The driver seems to like Abba so we will be listening to the whole discography on our way there in crazily curvy roads.   ​That black thing


Free wifi in a coach from Baguio to Angeles in the Philippines... I must be dreaming! So I publish this track I have made in Australia. This was all done in Ableton Live in a soft post hangover mood. I am preparing a long article on Jogjakarta in Indonesia so

Bali part 2

After the first day, we stayed 2 more days in Jimbaran. Then we moved to Sanur, then Ubud and stayed there 3 days. Here are the pictures of these 5 days. Oh and at last I started to upload field recordings! You can download all of them using the

Bali part 1

Selamat malam! Welcome to Bali. First step in Asia and I already love it. People are so nice and always smiling, outstanding landscapes and cheap but excellent food, and a very good way to learn the art of negotiation. Elsa also joined us from freezing France, so now we'


Just a very small update. I am continuing my push bike tour of Tasmania, and rarely find internet so it is difficult for me to update the website.  I am currently in St Helens and I have 3 days to reach Devonport. 

Tasmania and bicycle

I am currently in Hobart, Tasmania. In the airport back in Christchurch I have decided to visit Tasmania by bicycle, touring on the East Coast. That should be around 500 km. This seems to be quite a popular thing to do here. I will go from Hobart to Devonport where