India - Jaipur

Welcome to Jaipur also known as the Pink City of India, capital of Rajasthan.


Amber Fort above Jaipur


Elephants parking


Our mahout 


Climbing to the fort


Going down


Square shelter, it was 48 C° that day.


Nifty decoration




Women singing






Snake charmer and sales representative of blowing instruments


A young girl is dancing while folding the silk 


Vertigo patterns


Shadow play




The lucky guard that got assigned the caves




Garden, fort and guard


The Floating Palace (Jal Mahal)


Visiting a printed fabric factory


Sharp hands




Shirt focus


Oh did you know we sell some?


आप का खाना स्वादिष्ट हो 


We meet our driver after the usual "shopping time"


Are you looking for something Sir?






Pink snake


Now on for some stones shop


Briefly showing the process before the next step


My precious...


Working on this track:


Guards in The City Palace


Thin & sharp


Green pearl


To the armory!






English class


Gangajali, the biggest silver object in the world took 2 years to build, weights 354 kg and can contain up to 4000 liters




Amazing detail on this green gate


Astro-lab (Jantar Mantar)








Big jaw


Nom nom nom




Side view


Small restaurant






3 seat barber shop


Going left?


Hi mate


Oldies cemetary


Et voilà! Next post will be about Taj Mahal and back to New Delhi.


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